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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

No one "sends their sons to war"

I have never seen "Fahrenheit: 9/11". Nor do I plan on ever watching it. However, one of things I have picked-up-on from the movie is that Michael Moore attempts to "surprise" Congressmen and Congresswomen and have them sign their children up for war. I guess that is a pretty effective way to sending your message if you are anti-war to Washington.

However, why did anyone tolerate the whole idea that parents have the right or ability to send their children to war? Is that a law? Where is it? I was pretty sure that the U.S. maintained an entirely volunteer military. That means, one has to elect to join the service. Therefore, your parents cannot enter their children into the military any easier than they could enter their children into involuntary servitude with Wal-Mart.

Those who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are there because they choose to be there. They want to serve our country, want to bring democracy to the rest of the world, want to kill terrorists, or want the income and education possibilities that serving in the military afford. All of these motivations should be respected, some more than others. However, no one is serving in the military against their will.

Well, Christopher Hitchens also has a great piece over the whole concept of "sending your sons to war." I suggest you check it out.

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