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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Night Before Graduation Hurrah

Paige and I met up with our group of friends from law school for one more hurrah before graduation. We went to the Angelic Brewing Co. for dinner with Erik and Amanda, Sally and Dave, Amanda and Chris, and Katie who was without her fiance Todd, who had work the next day in Milwaukee. Dinner was marvelously delectable. After dinner and after gaining three more members - Joy, Kathleen, and Amanda - the group headed across the Capital Square to Madison's, where it is Karaoke Night on Thursdays. Fun times, indeed. Paige and Sally sang an eye-opening version of "White Rabbit", whereas Dave and I sang a funky version of "Criminal" by Fiona Apple. After that, the beer (and shots) started to flow like wine, so I don't have a verbatim account of what transpired. However, we had a great time, one to book-end the 100s of times we had fun while we were "studying" in law school. I am certain that we will all be getting together again soon enough.

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