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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Essen Haus 2005

Well, here are some pictures from my going away party in Madison, WI on Saturday, May 14th. Paige's parents, Brad and Gail, and siblings, Lynly and Evan, were also in town for the festivities. It was actually quite a long day for all of them and Paige and I, for we had spent the afternoon in Mukwonago and North Prairie, showing them where I grew-up. Then, after a delicious dinner with my family and the Saunders Family at the Golden Mast, we zipped back to Madison for the Boot Fest 2005 at the Essen Haus.

We had a little problem getting our reservation settled with the hostess, however sweet-talking Derek Blakeslee put our fears to rest by getting everything squared away at 10:01 PM (the hostess told us she couldn't seat non-dining parties until 10:00 PM at the earliest). After we got seated, the boots started coming, the polka started blaring, and all hell broke loose. Later we went to Amy's Cafe. I remember ending my night by almost starting a fight in the McDonald's Drive Thru line. Yeah, that seems about right.

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