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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

'96 Packers vs. '09 Vikings - Football Outsiders

'96 Packers vs. '09 Vikings:

The guys from 1996 Packers are a little annoyed at some of the hype surrounding their old teammate Brett Favre and his current Vikings team.

"To say that the team he's on now, after seven games, is better than the '96 team -- that's just preposterous,' says LeRoy Butler. 'Not only did we have the No. 1 defense in 1996, but we had No. 1 special teams."

DVOA would like to agree with Mr. Butler. After seven weeks, the 1996 Packers had a DVOA of 54.0%. The 2007 Patriots are the only team in the DVOA Era with a higher rating through Week 7. The 2009 Vikings are at 24.6%, which isn't even in the top five for this season.

Butler's wrong about one thing, though -- the current Vikings actually have darn good special teams and a Desmond Howard-like return weapon in Percy Harvin (2 TD so far). It's their offense and defense that have been merely good, not great.

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